A new up and coming company. We are a group of kids in high school. IHS is the place to be. Now Estraneo is all about drawings and pictures. We make clothing with the "art" we come up with. Another thing we like to do is videos. We make them funny, sad, romantic..jk pretty much just funny haha. and also like bike and skate videos..maybe if were lucky snowboard and surfing videos too. The only hard part about that is we live in a desert far away from that. Haha. We like music and we like to discover music. I wish we could, but we cant, make music. We arent very talented with instruments, unless its rockband. Haha. But if your in a band and you got a myspace or something, please post the band url in the forums or email us at estraneo@hotmail.com. We will try to get your name out htere a little more. If you got some sick videos of you doing a double backflip on a scooter..post it..haha but really if you got any cool videos dont be shy. Well yeah, now you know what estraneo is..hopefully..and if you dont do not hesitate to ask some questions. Once again email at estraneo@hotmail.com or just post a thing on the forum. If you want us to feature something of yours like a song, video, drawing, anything just ask, were cool guys:).

alright thats about it! Later.


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